The Vision

The year 2020 was a very difficult one to say the least for many people. The world is forever changed. With so many deaths, trauma, struggles, loss, hatred, & division going on across the world; I decided I needed to do something to help people. That's when the vision of Maarifa Asar was born. This is a small business that's geared towards helping the youth of the next generation, to create jobs for those in need. This brand is one that is also designed to inspire people to come together and unite under positivity. To seek and obtain knowledge in order to build something positive in your life. If that's building a better you, building a better relationship, or even building your own business; what ever you decide to do, we encourage those who wear the brand Maarifa Asar to use knowledge to create and build something positive for their life. If we all come together and support each other using positive energy, we will not only impact our own life in a positive way but the lives of others around us. In essences, that's what this brand and logo represents: knowledge, unity, and positive energy. 

The Mystery of the logo revealed: Maarifa * Asar * Knowledge * Reborn. MAARIFA is Swahili for knowledge and Asar is Ancient African representing rebirth. When you put those words together, it’s the rebirth of knowledge within you. The Logo image represents the human spine which is the backbone of all people. The (3) triangle shapes represent pyramids, the oldest and greatest structures ever built, and the star represents knowledge from above. The colors: red represent the blood, black represents the people, green represents the land, and gold represents the resources available from the land. When the people have the right knowledge, they can build just about anything.

~ Knowledge inspires people to create. ~

Thank you for your support, we truly appreciate you as a customer. You have exquisite taste in clothing.  Look good and feel great wearing Maarifa Asar, Merch with a Meaning.

Love & Light ~ Peace

Maarifa * Asar

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